Tuesday, December 20, 2022

The Beverly Jennings family newsletter 2022

 Greetings all –


It’s that time again. We almost didn’t get the newsletter written because we just got back from a trip to Paris.


You know what, y’all there is not as much to do there as we were led to believe. The highlights of our trip were the catfish dinner at Uncle Billy’s Downtown Eatery, the Holly Jolly Festival and Electric Christmas Parade and the Breakfast and Bowling With Santa event.


Ruthie is bugging me to say that Beverly and Judy have both been in bowling leagues so it was unfair that they won the trophy.


Next year we’re going to Nashville.


The Beverly report:

Beverly and her blue-hair posse, V and B, went on their annual trip to Gatlinburg in May and things went a little sideways. The ladies claim they got lost on the way to a local production of The Greatest Story Ever Told and wound up at a still on the side of a mountain in backwoods Tennessee. Yeah, we believe you, sure.

Everything turned out okay and if you see an episode of Moonshiners where Tickle is having three elderly women taste the apple pie flavor, remember – they did not know there was alcohol in that.


The Judy report:

Everything is okay in Judyland. She’s living the dream in Florida. Taking pictures of the beach.

In June she, Bonnie and Liz went to the Dali Museum to be immersed in Van Gogh. She got a little confused about things, though and had to spend a lot of time in the hospital getting her ear sown back on.

The good news is she had a lot of time to write and any day now y’all should be hearing about the publication of her best-selling novel. If it comes out and you read it, don’t go getting mad because she used that time when you skipped church and went skinny dipping. No one will know it was you.


The Tim report:

Tim and his family have spent their time productively, building a new house. They mostly like to sit on the sidelines eating nachos and pretending they don’t know the rest of us.


The Tony report:

Big changes for Tony and Wayne. They’ve left southern California. They bought a condo on the opposite side of the state from Judy (I’m sure that wasn’t intentional) and are making it livable. If they could only find where Wayne hid the modem and router so the movers wouldn’t steal it, they’d be all set.

Both of them are retired now. Of course, in this family retired means working more than ever. But I’m sure they’ll fit in time for a cruise at some point.

And yes, they have gone back to cruising even though Tony “accidentally” booked them on that nude cruise two years ago.


As far as the young’uns are concerned – they are going to have to write their own newsletter because I can’t keep up with them.

Sorry I didn’t mail this. I didn’t have time. Thanks for coming on my blog to read it. And I’ve disabled the comments because T has never forgiven me for the post I wrote about her stomping around in white go-go boots singing These Boots Are Made For Walking so many times that someone broke her record in half.


Y’all have a fun holiday and I hope 2023 is good to you!  




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