Sunday, April 28, 2024


 I watched this lovely youtube video 

Thursday, April 18, 2024


 Tonight Liz & I dilly-dallied at the Dali Museum in St Petersburg, FL. There was an exhibition that featured the usual Dali works that stay at the museum with the addition of 22 visiting paintings of famous impressionists.

Rocky Crags at L'Estaque by Pierre-August Renoir

Antibes (Afternoon Effect) by Claude Monet

Vase of Flowers by Henry Matisse 

I love this quote by Manet.

View of Portdogue Port Alguer 1920 by Salvadore Dalit


The museum itself reflects the bizarre, whimsical nature of Salvador Dali himself.

I asked the lobster phone: when did Dali move from impressionism to surrealism & AI acting as Salvador answered:

"The metamorphosis from impressionism to surrealism was not merely a shift but a lavish eruption from my subconscious mind around the 1920's. It was akin to awakening in a dream draped in the vivid tapestry of the unreal."

We ventured into the gift shop and bought this card featuring a Dali painting that they have in the museum's permanent collection:

It came in this bag:

I used the bag to prove that I am a goof:


When we got home this one was not happy:

This song is dedicated to poor neglected Cooper:

Miss You by The Rolling Stones

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Self Knowledge Happens

 Sometimes I think I want Johnny Depp. Then I realize I really just want Roux from Chocolat.

Sometimes I fancy Ncuti Gatwa. Then I realize what I really want is to watch him dance with his kilt on as Dr Who.

Sometimes I adore Matthew Goode. Then I realize I want the sexual tension & banter with Declan in Leap Year. For about ten minutes. After that it would probably be annoying.

At 66 what I really want is personal space. And not to have to please a man / mate. And all my memories of men past. And intelligent conversations about interesting people, places and things. 

And maybe - just maybe - a fun, safe, flirtation free of drama. Maybe. 

I think I might have found the theme song for my life. Miranda Lambert's Bluebird.