Tuesday, November 15, 2022

BW Placekeepers & playlists

 Nanowrimo is a success because my word count on the novel I'm writing is 15206.

It's not a great success because my word count should be 25005.

Words, I've written words. And a lot of them might not have been written if I weren't participating in National Novel Writers Month.

I've been having fun. Writing scenes I like. Picking placekeepers I like. What's a placekeeper - you ask.

A placekeeper is an image of someone you use for a character until the character forms more fully in your mind.

So far we have:

Main protagonist: Charlotte Bronte Harrison

Placekeeper: Jeanne Damas 

Theme song: Touch of Grey by the Grateful Dead

Love interest: Holden Graves

Placekeeper: Neil Gaiman

Kid at risk: Micah Palaydin

Placekeeper: random unknown boy

Creepy haunted house: renovated church in Limmerick, Maine

Ghost cult leader: Amos Palaydin

Placekeeper: Taylor Kitsch acting as David Koresh

Holden Graves has a stalker and I am having a lot of fun writing her. While I don't have a whole playlist yet - she has a theme song.

Holden's stalker: Angie Lynn

Placekeeper: Angelyne

Angie Lynn's theme song: 

Jane Jensen - Luv Song

This is all pieces of my work in progress - contemporary gothic romance novel - Black Windows.

Pinterest Board for Black Windows here

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