Tuesday, January 31, 2023

the making & blessing of my dreamcatcher

 Even though I'm an atheist - I'm attracted to the aesthetics and the idea of a dreamcatcher.

I made one for myself using a grapevine wreath & hemp twine.

In the North for Earth are buttons:

In the West for Water are shells:

In the East for Air is a leaf. (I preserved it using Mod Podge.) The picture doesn't do it justice because it is actually red:

In the middle is a pendant. The pendant is a copper piece I bought to hold a fortune from a fortune cookie that I got some time ago. The fortune reads: Any rough times are behind you.

In the South for Fire are three buttons with astrological fire signs painted on them using hot spices.

My talented daughter Liz painted the buttons for me.

Go here to read about Aries being the spark, Leo being the hearth and Sagittarius being the shooting star.

Deborah Blake's book Circle, Coven & Grove contains a Tool Consecration and Blessing. I'm adapting that to bless my dreamcatcher.

It would be disrespectful and maybe illegal to quote the blessing here. The book is worth buying if you're interested.

This whole experience felt like home for me. I only have one ancestor who isn't celtic. The rest are all celts. I have cell memories of so many practices which are today labeled Wicca.

Incidentally - Deborah is a fiction novelist also. I highly recommend her Baba Yaga series:

Prequel Novella; Wickedly Magical     Book 1; Wickedly Dangerous

 and the spinoff Riders series:

Book 1; Dangerously Charming

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