Thursday, March 16, 2023

Ebooks, Book Signings and more


These days I unapologetically read ebooks. Very rarely do I read actual books. Partly I appreciate the space saved and partly I appreciate the trees saved.

 Yet, I still love bookstores. And book signings which take place in bookstores.

 Nostalgia set in when I saw on Instagram and FB that Susan Elizabeth Phillips hosted an event at Warwick’s Books in San Diego. She interviewed Kristin Hannah who wrote the books from the television series Firefly Lane.

 500 people were there. The power of television.

 I have a signed copy of my most beloved author Jenny Crusies book, Maybe This Time. I got it signed when I went to a lovely bookstore in Louisville, KY to hear Jenny speak and sign books. Her speech was witty and charming. She generously answered questions, signed books and took pictures. I had a picture of us but I lost it somewhere in phone or computer changes.

There were maybe 50 people in attendance. I can’t remember the name of the bookstore but it has long since closed.

I got my copy of Susan Elizabeth Phillips book Heroes Are My Weakness signed in another lovely bookstore in Memphis TN. She entertained an audience of approximately the same number as Jenny, 50 people. Made everyone laugh a lot and gave out her signature red suckers.

That bookstore has also since closed.

I really do prefer ebooks but I will miss bookstores and book signings, for sure.

If you have to have paper books new things with promise are happening though! For example:

If you follow author Brenda Novak on FB you may have seen that she has a new idea. She created a travelling bookstore & coffeeshop and is going across the USA making various stops to promote and sell her book The Seaside Library due out 4/11/23. 

And puts on an event that takes place in San Jose CA but is also live on Zoom. I joined the Zoom for the last one. 6 people read including my fellow member, Susan Rogers. 

It was a stimulating evening of good reads from mostly new authors I've never heard of. I won a prize of a book titled If Not For You & Other Stories by Niles Reddick. I haven't read it yet but it looks good. 

Nowadays I carry my TBR (to be read) pile with me everywhere I go because it's in my ebook app in my phone.

You're welcome, trees. I love you!!!

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