Thursday, August 31, 2023

the g%^d*&^ essay is done

 So - I've been writing an essay to enter into a contest. 

And it's done. 

I spent hours making sure margins and indentations & word counts were according to contest rules.

And things that needed to be italicized or quote marked or underlined - were.

Now, I'm free to pursue the next writing adventure.

But first - I need to visit the ocean and see what Idalia has done.

And along the way, I need to find some breakable things to throw.

I used to have a friend Sonja from Albuquerque. We've lost touch. At the time we were both wiccans.

When she cast circles and wanted to build energy she would stomp her cans for recycle.

I don't drink soda or beer so I don't have cans to stomp.

Thus the search for things to break.

If I can get close enough I will post pics of post-Idalia Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.

Meanwhile here's the song I will be listening to in my car.

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