Saturday, August 5, 2023

Virgin River: Get a New Plot - Secrets and Lies - BORING


Robyn Carr wrote the books behind the Netflix series Virgin River. There are 4 seasons out so far and a 5th season coming out soon.

It has a cast of familiar actors that I enjoy watching.

The characters for the most part are likable.

I have binge watched more than once.

I am currently binge watching again in anticipation of season 5.

It has always annoyed me how often the plot is driven by secrets and lies. This watch through it is particularly annoying.  

If a character reveals something to another character either on purpose or by accident – you can predict 100% the next words are going to be – but you can’t tell anyone – I don’t want anyone to know or I don’t want anyone to know yet or I don’t want character x to know.

It is almost as if that is the author’s only plot driver.

I am not sure I will finish the 4th season re-watch in which case I won’t bother to watch the 5th season at all.

The show does have beautiful scenery and a killer soundtrack, though.

In fact – after this I may have to reread a Jennifer Crusie book titled Tell Me Lies, which is about the destructive roles of secrets and lies in a small town. It is excellent. I have read it many times and will re-read it again, for sure.

Towards the end of Tell Me Lies, main characters Maddie and CL are driving in his convertible while Maddie strips to seduce him as they listen to Springsteen's song Born To Run:


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