Friday, January 19, 2024

Outsidey Person, That's Me

 I recently read an unattributed quote comparing 'outdoorsy' to 'outsidey'.

I am definitely outsidey. 

There were three situations and I resonated with outsidey each time:

I would rather see mountains from a roadside viewpoint than from walking to the top and running into creatures which I love in theory but am not anxious to encounter in the wild.

I love to eat outside - on a restaurant patio - not on a blanket somewhere battling ants and such.

I can enjoy sitting next to a fire in the woods - on my camp / beach chair. When it's time to sleep, though, I want to leave the woods & be comfortable in bed at home or in a hotel.

See - outsidey - that's me.

 Wide Open Spaces by The Chicks


  1. I’m kind of halfway in between. Happy to hike up that mountain but I’d prefer a nice wide trail. Love a good picnic but not backpacker meals. And absolutely yes on the comfy bed!