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Luminous Longevity Amongst the Campbells

 Longevity vs Long Life

Longevity is being healthy and active until the day you die quickly and peacefully.

Long Life is living a long time even confined to a bed.

     In a recent amusing text thread amongst me, my mom & my aunties - I volunteered to put together a list of documentaries / shows about longevity. Below is that list.

     Skippable amusing auto correction story: I kept using 'centarians' instead of 'centenarians' which auto correct kept changing to 'centurions' which somehow led to us trying to decide if Aunt Mary would make a better 'centarian' or 'centurion'. 


Live To 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones*

1 season with 4 episodes

Each episode visits a different Blue Zone.

*Blue Zones are regions of the world where people tend to live longer and where there are larger concentrations of centenarians (people who live to be 100 years old or more).

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – usually through Disney+

Limitless With Chris Helmsworth

1season with 6 episodes

Each episodes addresses thing which affect longevity

1 stress 2 shock 3 fasting 4 strength 5 memory 6 acceptance

In each episode Chris is learning / doing things to minimize the affects of these things on his longevity. The 6th episode features his wife & is very sweet.

Another good reason to watch Limitless With Chris Helmsworth


The Longevity Film

Visits several Blue Zones including the one natural Blue Zone in the USA which is in Loma Linda CA. Talks about efforts to create some other Blue Zones here.


How To Live Forever

Documentary about longevity. Starts out slow but gets better and is worth it to watch.

Features several interesting people; Jack LaLane @ 94, Edna Parker-the oldest woman ever, Phyllis Diller doing a stand-up routine late in life that is very funny, a 98-year-old kite flyer in Okinawa (he describes himself as a loaner which is almost unheard of in longevity circles where community is considered high on the list of things necessary)

There is also a bittersweet interview with Suzanne Somers talking about her efforts at longevity where she expresses confidence that she will live to be 100. She died at 77 of breast cancer. Really it’s remarkable she lived as long as she did considering she fought cancer off and on throughout her life starting when she was in her 20’s.

     Skippable anecdote– Speaking of community as necessary to becoming a centenarian – Campbells do community like they invented it.

     Skippable funny side note – There is talk about funerals in this one. Which reminded me of something amusing about Japanese funerals. It is a sign of status to have big crowds at your funeral. In order to make that happen strippers are hired to entertain the crowds. I had a good laugh thinking about someone hiring a stripper to entertain at a funeral at Musters Funeral home. I really think someone needs to include that in their pre-planning. Any volunteers? Wouldn’t have to be a female stripper. Bonnie? Brenda?

**If you stream but don’t have TUBI – it’s free with ads. Just open it. Freevee (formerly IMBd) same

Something on Tubi I found, haven’t watched but plan to:

Older Than Ireland – said to be a documentary about 30 centenarians in Ireland.


The Human Longevity Project

I haven’t seen this one but it is supposed to be 9 episodes that look really good. I will watch it if I can find it.


Series called Sages Of Aging

I don’t get PBS so I haven’t seen this one but PBS always does a good job of anything it sets out to do so probably it’s good.


Does not have any talk shows on longevity but has several articles I want to check out on NPR.org

Things that look good that I haven’t found yet:

Longevity Hackers

Aging Backwards

Human Longevity – How To Live Longer & Prosper

In How To Live Forever – Marianne Williamson says – don’t retire instead refire your life. There is a lot of movement in learning about longevity. Enough to keep one entertained well into their 100’s.

As I find more – I will send it your way.


I usually end a blogpost with a song but instead here is the trailer for Limitless because the eye candy is only made better by the ear candy.


 Note to self - read John Robbins book Health at 100 


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