Thursday, October 27, 2022


 I have decided to participate in National Novel Writers Month starting Nov 1st this year.

I will be working on the second novel in a contemporary gothic romance trilogy called the Chosen Poets Trilogy. The title of the novel I will be working on is Black Windows - so named because of a dark ritual the protagonists mother put her through when she was growing up.

I am tentatively putting myself in the plantser category because I am doing some plotting & some pantsing. This is a nanowrimo badge for that:

Plotters start with outlines & character studies, etc.
Pantsers start with a blank page and a vague idea in their heads.

I don't have it all worked out but I have more than a vague notion.

I am eager to start!

This protagonist writes paradelles. Paradelle poetry has a colorful history as it started out as a joke - hoax created by former poet laureate Billy Collins. For details of the hoax & the poetry structure go here.

I leave you with the theme song for my protagonist, Charlotte Bronte Harrison, from the WIP novel Black Windows.

Touch of Grey by the Grateful Dead

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