Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Front Not a Political Party

 When I started this blog I didn't want it to be solely about my writing stuff. Because...boring sometimes.

Elections are 6 days away so let's talk about that.

I have always been a left leaning but bipartisan voter. I am registered democrat but I have always voted for some of the other parties.

The former republican party that, in my opinion, is no longer a party but rather a front for rich bullies, their wannabee rich followers, oligarchs and one issue voters - will never get my vote again unless they police themselves and become a real party instead of a front.

And for people who say the democrats are just as bad as the republicans no they are not. Here are some differences that represent significantly different mindsets:

the republican front values:
corporations being more important than people / families / children
Book banning
Trying to rewrite history and teach a lying version in public schools
Trying to force a version of family created in the 50s that was only ever beneficial for white males
Suppressing the vote in any way they can

So much more 

the republican front has no moral compass

We need women and people of color to come out in droves and vote on Tuesday.

I could go on all day but you get the gist.

Whatever your beliefs - please vote on Tuesday.

And if you are a republican please do whatever you can to get rid of the front and become an actual party again. We need our two party system. We need our checks and balances. The way you have allowed things to become - we don't have that anymore!

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