Friday, April 14, 2023

New Words Make My Heart Sing

 I love it when I am happily reading a book and suddenly there's a word I don't recognize. If I were a dog or a cat I would be pouncing on it like a squeaky toy or a fake mouse.

Soignee: (the first e has ` over it) pronounced swan'ya - means dressed very elegantly; well groomed      My mother could be described as being soignee. I, of course, would be described as hippee (no ` over either e)

Sybarite: pronounced sibe uh rite - a person who is self-indulgent in their fondness for sensuous luxury           While I applaud this in theory decadence unsettles me, makes me uncomfortable.

Cynosure:  si na shur - the northern constellation Ursa Minor or the North Star; one that serves to direct or guide: a center of attraction or attention

Names describing a group of animals make me rub my hands with glee thinking - what can I do with that?

Flamboyance - a group of flamingos                                                                                                                 Jenny Crusie fans who read her first collaboration book with Bob Mayer - Agnes and the Hitman - know this fact: flamingos don't like to be alone. They cry pitifully. Bless their hearts.

Ferret is not a new word but I did learn - it comes from the Latin word furritus which means little thieves.

Business: a group of ferrets - isn't that just freaking delightful?

This is not a new word. It's a saying that is new to me:

"Say it with your chest" means speak your truth - don't dim your light to make others feel comfortable - say what you think and feel boldly - use your voice positively.

Of course, if we're gonna talk about hearts singing:

Wild Thing by the Troggs

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