Monday, October 30, 2023

The day before the eve of NANOWRIMO

 I am participating in NANOWRIMO again this November.

Right at this very moment I am 'partying' in an event called Global Write-In Crawl Packing Day Welcome Event

It's chaotic mostly because I don't know what I'm doing but that's okay. Also, the place where you report your word count starts with the word discord so I feel like a discordian. Typically I don't like discordians. Or accordions. I wonder if there are discordians who play the accordion?

So - my novel I plan to write is tentatively titled 'The Battles We Create'. My MC is Sadie Jones and her love interest is Finn Smith looks like Matthew Goode's character Fin from the Good Wife. Double Fin / Finn yumminess. 

I have written 300 words previous to this blogpost. Now I'm going to waste some event time trying to put a NANO 2023 badge in a few places. I am not a tech wizard so...


Sandwiches from the pizza place are on the way. I'm out of wine (dammit) which is extra sad since my MC Sadie is currently illegally drinking wine in the park.

Okay back to the fun!

I'll keep you posted now to 11/30/2023 

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