Tuesday, October 31, 2023

A Study of Matthew Goode on Halloween AKA NANOWRIMO Eve

 The W.I.P. novel that I plan on writing during the month of November, along with scores of other writers all across the globe – is tentatively titled: “The Battles We Create”.

 I want this adventure in writing to be fun.

 What could be more fun than a study of how to describe Matthew Goode? Nothing. Obviously.

 To that end - I am fast forwarding through seasons 5 & 6 of The Good Wife stopping to describe how various emotions look on MG acting as Finn Polmar.


See – fun!


MG as FP has a luxurious head of dark brown hair which he parts on the side and sweeps back from his forehead. His eyes are blue and usually twinkling, framed by thick, dark brown eyebrows. He has a wide mouth and sweet lips which are often curved into a mischievous smile or a mysterious smile which suggests he knows something you don’t.

 The dimples and lines on his face are sometimes there, sometimes not depending on his emotions. 

His gestures are soft; one hand, open, indicating left or right. His movements and his voice are understated, slow, patient.

He wears dark, tailored suits with elegance.

Words to describe his general demeanor: complacent – pleased with himself and unaware of any road bumps ahead; graceful; gentle; kind; charming.

What does he look like when he is:

Devastated – looking off to the side, eyes wide, mouth slightly open, staring into space

Threatened – eyes alert no twinkles, mouth closed in a straight line

In agreement – pronounced nod, turns towards someone & smiles

Resigned in disagreement – face to the side, slightly tilted towards his shoulder, lips closed & turned up at the ends, cheekbones prominent


Laughing – looking down & to the side, mouth turned up, eyes twinkling, lines appear in the corner of his eyes & beside his mouth, forehead smooth

 Or - like this:

Loopy on pain meds – eyes wide & twinkling, eyebrows raised, lines prominent on forehead

Flirting – involves a series of expressions with head moving as he speaks – looking straight ahead, off to one side, downcast – goes through a range of lip / mouth movements all with corner of lips turned upwards – eyes move through mischievous, mysterious, knowing, seductive (bedroom eyes)


Anger – moves through a range of movements and expressions – all unsmiling, no eye twinkle, no lines or dimples showing on face – voice raised and forceful


I am satisfied with my study of how to describe emotions moving across Matthew Goode’s face as he plays Finn Polmar.

What about his voice? Is voice important? In my opinion, yes, sometimes more than looks.

When I recall compelling, seductive voices, the late Alan Rickman, the lead singer from Echo and the Bunnymen… I would put Matthew Goode in the top five of personal favorites.

So… I could spend my afternoon, perhaps eyes closed, listening to Goode in his various roles, with pleasure.

Unfortunately, I need to do laundry, fix lunch, prepare for critique tonight.

And, such an experiment would be more enjoyable with wine. They say it’s always five o’clock somewhere but not here, not yet.

I’m going to give it one sentence, in the POV of MC Sadie, albeit long: “Underneath the accent, probably British, was a compelling, dulcet voice, low-key with underlying sensual, seductive tones that appealed to Sadie, even as she fought the attraction.”

Wrapping up this post - let’s switch gears and take a few minutes to savor Echo and the Bunnymen with Ian McCullough singing ‘Lips Like Sugar’:



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