Friday, November 3, 2023

Midnight Not at the Oasis; NANOWRIMO check in 11/3/2023

 Added 1670 words today - total of 3420!

Not sure how 'cute' it is but I'm working on the opening scene for my wip and MC Sadie is meeting her love interest Finn.

This scene comes a little after the meet cute:

Her landladies, Hattie, a curmudgeon who grunted more often than speaking, and Hattie’s sister, Gloria, a carefree soul who was naturally chatty, sat on a bench in the flower garden to the left of the parking lot.

The picture they presented was surreal. Or she should say more surreal than usual. Was ‘surrealer’ a word?

Rocks that were balanced in precarious positions and cactus that had been twisted into weird shapes, sat on desert sand. In the center was a bench that was fashioned from two recycled plastic slabs, one to sit on and the other to support the sitter’s back, anchored to three cement pillars shaped like the giant feet from Monty Python’s flying circus.

At the very back of the garden was a bee-crossing sign which served as a warning for the beehives the sisters kept.

That sight alone was surreal. When you added the women sitting on the bench, the scene was ‘surrealer’.

And, of course, Midnight At the Oasis by Maria Muldaur

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