Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Midnight November 1, 2023 word count


NANOWRIMO win - here I come!

Excerpt from today:

"Time started moving fast even as it felt like events were in slow motion. The park had a disc golf course and a disc hit him hard in the back of his head. In reaction his body fell and she found herself pinned underneath him. Her book flew, the paper bag cover ripping, revealing tentacle porn in all its glory. The lid came off of her travel cup and sticky sweet wine went everywhere, staining book pages, blanket, his white shirt, her favorite Dead and Roses T-shirt.

This was the part where she should have been indignant and insistent that he get off her. Instead she felt laughter bubbling up inside. She counted untimely, inappropriate bouts of mirth as one of her many flaws and here it was, rearing it’s ugly head. Again."

Today's wine container: 

Today's ambience youtube Witchy Autumn ASMR Ambience: 

And I leave you with a song by David Bowie; The Laughing Gnome

Happy Dia De Los Muertos, y'all!

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