Saturday, November 18, 2023

Sex Orientation Revelation


People today put a lot of thought into defining their sexual orientation. I've always thought that I could just accept & love everyone as whatever they are & that was enough. As a heterosexual female my only role appeared to be one of support of all orientations.

That's changing though. Because I've changed. I'm still heterosexual but really I'm asexual. I'm 66 and I don't care if I ever have sex with another person again. I don't have negative feelings towards men and sex, I just don't have the desire to participate anymore. 

I do, however have romantic leanings. I like flirting with men. I like reading & writing romance (though not actual sex acts). 

I discovered there is a category I fall under: ACE 

I don't have a lack of libido that needs to be fixed. 

As a romantic, asexual woman ditching the term heterosexual to define myself as and embrace ACE, I am whole and healthy. 


Fell In Love With A Boy by Joss Stone

(This rendition is good but I must admit I like the energy & feel of it better when the White Stripes do it as Fell In Love With A Girl - maybe I'll just change the words when I sing along. The way Jack White does it - it's a breathing exercise.)

Fell In Love With A Girl by the White Stripes

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