Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Dedicated to: You Know Who You Are - A Like Letter

 I turned on the youtube 8D Panning ambience video: Mystical Forest Music // Melody in 8D (Audio from EarMonk Mystic Music) as background for writing this.

8D panning is new to me. The D stands for dimensional. I love it. Especially this Mystical Forest one.

This nonsensical bit of whimsy blogpost is about connections. Particularly one connection. Someone I have only met in cyberspace.

I listened to him read a piece he had written earlier tonight. The piece was amusing and thought-provoking and affirming all at once.

The kind of amusing that leaves me smiling later. 

The kind of thought-provoking that makes me exclaim - how did he put those things together?

The kind of affirming that makes me relieved to know - there's someone else in this world who thinks like me. I am not alone.

Three words from his piece embedded in my psyche and resonated; "jinx the ease".

First, I'm going to steal that phrase for my writing. Second. I do that. A lot. I jinx the ease in many situations, occurrences, friendships.

I don't intend to. But I am the queen of making things more complicated than they need to be. And of over-thinking. 

(Ooh - I've been looking for a reason to buy myself a tiara...)

Anywho - here is a person who laughs with me about smut of all kinds. 

And takes the time to put his thoughts about serious stuff like censorship in emails.


Let me not jinx the ease but rather just say - Thanks T!


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